Free Lottery Websites

Many people enjoy playing the lottery, but the odds of winning can be quite small. This can put some people off playing, particularly as prices on some lotteries have risen lately as well as the odds of winning falling. This is partly why many people are being attracted to try free lotteries.

You will find free lotteries online and you can search for them in search engines. Rather than purchasing numbers, something personal to you tends to be entered in a draw. This could be your date of birth, street, telephone number or postcode. Then each day one of these will be picked to win a prize. Some of the newer sites have just a small amount of members and this means that they can only afford to offer small prizes. However, with less members, there is more chance of winning a prize. Larger sites may have bigger prizes and they may even rollover if they are not claimed. You may have to share a prize though, if someone has the same postcode, date of birth or whatever as you.

Free Lottery

Some people worry about sites like this being scams. They are right to be worried as there are a lot of scammy sites out there and if you register and give away some details about yourself then you could open yourself up to being treated badly. Therefore it is wise to read reviews of the sites before you join up. You will find that there are blogposts, forum entries and things like this which will have reviews. This is because most of the sites give an incentive to those people that sign up referrals and therefore members will be advertising the site to try to get people to sign up. They may post things like payment proofs and information about how the site works and what they like about it, which will give you an idea of whether you think that it is a good site for you. Continue reading “Free Lottery Websites”